Thursday, October 23, 2008

Arrgghhh Matey!

Whew! This week was so busy! Let's see. First of all, Daniel had his 2 month doctor's appointment. He is now 12 pounds 12 ounces and 25 inches long! Woo wee! That's one large baby! Doctor says he's right on target though, and to continue doing what we've been doing. Daniel also had to endure four vaccinations during this visit. I give people shots all day, and I always said I would always remain nonplussed when it came time for my child to receive shots. After all, since I've given about a million injections to other people, why would it bother me? Well, I'm here to say I was wrong. I had tears in my eyes while I watched him get stabbed over and over. ::sniff:: Poor Danny! The world can be such a cruel place!

Its starting to get cold outside! Jay, Danny and I went for our usual walk around the parkway (3.5 miles)this weekend, but we had to bundle Danny up this time! I'm not looking forward to winter, since we'll have to stop our daily walks. :(

Even though it was cold, it was sunny outside!

Another picture of Danny in some of his warm autumn attire.

Every other week, Daniel and I go to a breastfeeding support group in Annapolis. Its sponsored by Arundel Medical Center. The lactation consultant who helped us out so much in the beginning told me about it, and it has since become one of my favorite activities! Its fun to meet other moms in the area. Daniel is very quiet and observant during these meetings. He watches and listens to all the other babies! This week was a Halloween party. Everyone brought their babies dressed up in costume. It was really adorable.

Daniel went to the meeting as a pirate. Like his "Surrender the Booby" bib? We were at a breastfeeding support group, after all!

What's next? We're heading up to Hagerstown this weekend to hang out with Drew and Victoria Lobely (Jay's friends from law school). Can't wait to see them and their two little ones! I'll be sure to post pictures next week!

Next week is my last week of maternity leave. I am so SO upset about having to go back to work. Its not that I dont like my job (Heeeeyy Meyer 9! Shout out!) but... well.... who would want to go to work when you could stay home?

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katienryan said...

Ha! Love the pirate bib! How did I know you'd have a clever costume for Danny? He is gettin' big! Sorry maternity leave is ending soon. Lets do lunch next week, NO MATTER WHAT.