Thursday, January 29, 2009

This Is How I Roll.....

YAY! Danny decided to roll over this week! He chose the more difficult of "rolling" options... and chose to roll from his back to his stomach first. Its cute, b/c he gets on his stomach, and then has no idea how to get back. At first, it really freaked him out, but now he rolls over almost as soon as I put him down.

Here's Danny's latest video montage. In today's clips we have Danny rolling, Danny doing a jig, Danny learning new tricks from Dad, and Danny playing air guitar. Enjoy!

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Snow Day!

On Tuesday, Danny and I watched the snow fall through the big windows in our living room. It was the first snowfall at our house since he's been born. Daniel is excited at the prospect of going outside to check out this fluffy white stuff!

"Mom, this snow is pretty and all, but I didn't realize how cold it would be out here!"

Snowy Crofton in the background...

Mom and Danny having fun in the snow...

This is somewhat out of place, but I had to include it on our blog. This is what happened to Danny when I left him alone with Dad one night to go to work. I came home, and this is the outfit Danny was wearing upon my return. Poor child. Does this count as child abuse? Seriously though, I'm glad to have a husband who dresses Danny in the morning... even if it IS in a clashing stripe ensemble.

The Reduses Come to Visit!

Yay! Grandma and Granddude came to visit this weekend! Danny was so excited to see them! They rode the train from NJ, and it only took 2.5 hours instead of the 5 it normally takes.

"I'm so excited!"

Visiting with Grandma is always a happy occasion!

"Look, Granddude! I wasn't doing this the last time you saw me!"

I wonder where these precious little feet will take Danny in life.

Teething AGAIN!? The answer is yes. Danny is now getting his top two teeth! That's 4 teeth and he's barely 5 months old! He'll be chomping on Doritos soon enough!

Look at those beautiful blue eyes!

Danny always concentrates very seriously on whatever task is at hand. He loves this little bebe pod chair and the little toy that attaches to the tray....

"I'll get you someday, kitty!" Danny has lately taken a great interest in our cat Joy. Whenever he hears her meow, he looks all around the room for her. Lately, he's started reaching out to touch her... but she's smart enough to stay JUST out of reach! Notice my hand in the background... poised and ready to grab Danny if he should lunge towards the cat!

So cute and smiley! I love Danny as a 5 month old.. he's just so smiley all the time!

Ahh.. the jumperoo... or as we like to call it "Danny's ADHD machine". It comes with all the bells and whistles needed to ensure a lifetime of attention deficit disorder. As you can see by the expression on his face, Danny LOVES it.

See, I'm smiling here, but that's before I realized that the jumperoo should also be nicknamed the "pooperoo..." since Daniel has a major blowout after every "jumping" session. Today I left the room for one minute, and came back, and he had poop all the way down to his toes. THANKS, JUMPEROO!

Granddude got tired just watching Danny jump!

Long Time No Post

I don't really have an excuse other than laziness for not posting much in January. I'll just get down to business and post some of the many photos that have been collecting over the past few weeks!

On January 10th, Jay and Danny and I headed over to Katie Winterstein's house for her 30th birthday party! Stacey and Ryan joined us there. I love this photo b/c it shows the three of us with our sons. So sweet!

"No, Ryan! I was PLAYING with that!"

Christopher tries to escape up the stairs...

Here is Danny watching history in the making.... I snapped this photo during the inauguration of President Barack Obama. I didn't want him to miss such an historic day. Danny even has an American flag on his bouncy chair!

Cute picture of Danny and I as we watch the inauguration. See how happy we look?

Check out my chompers! I finally got some pictures of Danny's two lower teeth!

Here they are again! Luckily he hasn't tried biting me... YET!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Assault With Intent To Chew

My innocent little boy apparently is not so innocent after all! Check out this FBI notice!

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Sunday, January 4, 2009


Well, Happy New Year everybody! I hope your year was filled with as much love and joy as ours has been. It was nice to greet the year with a new little boy in the house.

Even in one week, Danny has changed so much. He's now making all kinds of noises. Its almost like he's trying to talk! He says "mamamamama" and "babababa" and "buhbuhbuhbuh" and blows little raspberries with his lips. He's going to be telling us who's boss soon enough!

Here are some pictures and videos of us around the house... nothing special, but just a glimpse into our daily lives:

We start off the evening with a snack. On today's menu? Feet!

Then its playtime... Danny loves the new mirror from Grandma!

But his favorite toy by far is this Octopus from Ms. Jill (Leah's coworker) For some reason, Danny favors this over all other toys, and will reach for it with gusto (sometimes almost falling off Mom's lap to get it)

Jay and Dad check Dad's facebook account! Anyone who doesn't facebook is a total loser. (Just kidding!)

"I love my Daddy!"

Then Jay reads Danny a story. His favorite is "Goodnight Moon". He always sits quietly and listens to this book. (Probably one of the only times he sits still these days)

Then its time for bed! (Doesn't he look like an angel floating through the air?)

Then Mom and Dad move on to folding Danny's laundry. This is just 3 days worth of laundry!

These are just the bibs he's used in the last 3 days. I told you he's a spitter-upper!

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Aaaagghhh! My Arm!!!!

Help! Danny is teething so much that he chewed my arm off!

Christmas With the Clearys

Danny's first Christmas went off without a hitch! We spent Wednesday night through Friday afternoon at Kitsie and Granddad's house. They always provide such a warm loving environment for family gatherings. Danny did well sleeping in a new location. His sleep habits normally regress, but he did great on this particular trip!

"Hey! What's my face doing on that Christmas tree??"

Danny listens intently to Dad as he undoubtedly tells some elaborate (but funny) story.

"Mom and Dad, I know you gave me this paper so I could have some fun with it and get into the Christmas spirit, but I just want a NAP already!"

Danny's favorite pasttime of the trip... playing with Granddad's hair! He laughed and giggled every time it was within reach!

After the family events at home, we caught up with the rest of the Cleary Clan at Aunt Barbara's house. Danny was meeting all of these relatives for the first time! It was past his bedtime when we got there (around 7pm) but he did wonderfully... smiled at everyone, and was interacting well!

Aunt Mary and Uncle Bob talked to Danny for almost an hour. He was talking back!

Cleary storytelling at its best!

I love this picture as it shows three generations of Cleary men... Jay shows off Danny to his dad (center) and his two uncles (Uncle Jack and Uncle Brian). The best part of the story is that when Uncle Jack told Danny he would sing to him later, Danny spit up immediately! (Uncle Jack's singing is a longstanding joke among the Clearys)

Daniel's First Girlfriend

On Christmas Eve, we had a visit from the Brickers. Lauren, Eric, and Ella were in town for the holidays and stopped by to visit us! We enjoyed meeting Ella. She is such a beautiful little girl, and definitely has her mother's blue eyes. Daniel put the moves on right away, and by the end of the visit, they were holding hands. How cute!

Danny puts the moves on Ella,"Hey baby..." (get it? baby? ha ha)

"On second thought, my hand is better for chewing than for hand holding"

The Bricker family

Ella in her pretty Christmas dress

Dad and Danny

Mommy and Danny