Sunday, January 4, 2009


Well, Happy New Year everybody! I hope your year was filled with as much love and joy as ours has been. It was nice to greet the year with a new little boy in the house.

Even in one week, Danny has changed so much. He's now making all kinds of noises. Its almost like he's trying to talk! He says "mamamamama" and "babababa" and "buhbuhbuhbuh" and blows little raspberries with his lips. He's going to be telling us who's boss soon enough!

Here are some pictures and videos of us around the house... nothing special, but just a glimpse into our daily lives:

We start off the evening with a snack. On today's menu? Feet!

Then its playtime... Danny loves the new mirror from Grandma!

But his favorite toy by far is this Octopus from Ms. Jill (Leah's coworker) For some reason, Danny favors this over all other toys, and will reach for it with gusto (sometimes almost falling off Mom's lap to get it)

Jay and Dad check Dad's facebook account! Anyone who doesn't facebook is a total loser. (Just kidding!)

"I love my Daddy!"

Then Jay reads Danny a story. His favorite is "Goodnight Moon". He always sits quietly and listens to this book. (Probably one of the only times he sits still these days)

Then its time for bed! (Doesn't he look like an angel floating through the air?)

Then Mom and Dad move on to folding Danny's laundry. This is just 3 days worth of laundry!

These are just the bibs he's used in the last 3 days. I told you he's a spitter-upper!

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