Sunday, January 4, 2009

Daniel's First Girlfriend

On Christmas Eve, we had a visit from the Brickers. Lauren, Eric, and Ella were in town for the holidays and stopped by to visit us! We enjoyed meeting Ella. She is such a beautiful little girl, and definitely has her mother's blue eyes. Daniel put the moves on right away, and by the end of the visit, they were holding hands. How cute!

Danny puts the moves on Ella,"Hey baby..." (get it? baby? ha ha)

"On second thought, my hand is better for chewing than for hand holding"

The Bricker family

Ella in her pretty Christmas dress

Dad and Danny

Mommy and Danny

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katienryan said...

I feel like a broken record, but seriously, that is one cute baby. It looks like Danny is getting out of "high maintenance" and moving into the fun times! Keep the pics coming!