Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas With the Clearys

Danny's first Christmas went off without a hitch! We spent Wednesday night through Friday afternoon at Kitsie and Granddad's house. They always provide such a warm loving environment for family gatherings. Danny did well sleeping in a new location. His sleep habits normally regress, but he did great on this particular trip!

"Hey! What's my face doing on that Christmas tree??"

Danny listens intently to Dad as he undoubtedly tells some elaborate (but funny) story.

"Mom and Dad, I know you gave me this paper so I could have some fun with it and get into the Christmas spirit, but I just want a NAP already!"

Danny's favorite pasttime of the trip... playing with Granddad's hair! He laughed and giggled every time it was within reach!

After the family events at home, we caught up with the rest of the Cleary Clan at Aunt Barbara's house. Danny was meeting all of these relatives for the first time! It was past his bedtime when we got there (around 7pm) but he did wonderfully... smiled at everyone, and was interacting well!

Aunt Mary and Uncle Bob talked to Danny for almost an hour. He was talking back!

Cleary storytelling at its best!

I love this picture as it shows three generations of Cleary men... Jay shows off Danny to his dad (center) and his two uncles (Uncle Jack and Uncle Brian). The best part of the story is that when Uncle Jack told Danny he would sing to him later, Danny spit up immediately! (Uncle Jack's singing is a longstanding joke among the Clearys)

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