Monday, March 30, 2009

Irish Baby Blues

I love Danny's baby blue eyes. They are just like his Daddy's, and I hope they stay that way!

Nothing much new to report here, although I have to admit, I am so happy that it has been warmer lately. The other day, as Jay and I were walking around the parkway with Danny, I felt so happy to hear birds chirping or "twerping" (ha ha, Jay) that I felt like my guts were smiling inside. That's how happy I was, seriously. Sometimes I wonder why I don't live somewhere tropical. But I guess without winter, spring wouldn't seem half so glorious!

Danny is moving a lot more. He still doesn't scoot or crawl forward, but he can move in a circle and he reaches for things. The video below shows him dumping out his toy basket to rifle through the contents. He is very curious, and wants to touch everything all the time. Sometimes he is so strong that when I'm holding him, it is difficult to keep him from grabbing things he shouldn't! He has already pulled the mobile off the crib when Jay was lifting him out... and if there are papers or magazines nearby, you can forget it! I'm enjoying the fact that he isn't crawling yet, because I know as soon as he is, I'll probably spend my whole day chasing him!

In other news, Danny now has 8 teeth, and has bumpy gums where his canines are. 8 TEETH! For crying out loud! The poor child has spent most of his life teething!

Here are some more pictures. I particularly love the video of Danny saying "mmmm!"

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Preston said...

8 teeth!?!?! WOW! Our life was rough when the 2 came through. I love the curiousity. Although we are days away from crawling and it scares me too!!

Jennifer said...

That Irish Baby Blues photo is just gorgeous. Danny is a beautiful baby. Our baby Lucy only has 4 teeth and she's almost 13 months!
Love, Aunt Jennifer