Friday, May 29, 2009

My Turn to Brag

So I posted an entire month's worth of blogging in one night, so what? I posted so much that it is more than one page worth of blog-age, so make sure you look through it all! We've been through a lot of changes in the last month...

I'd like to take this time to brag about Danny. I posted all the pictures, but I didn't really take the time to tell you what he's up to!

My baby boy is growing up so fast. He has all kinds of new tricks. In the past month, he starting scooting around on his stomach. He can scoot so fast, you'd never believe it. He is a very determinedly curious little boy, and he gets into all kinds of trouble because he wants to explore everything. If something on one side of the room catches his attention, he will scoot on over and try to chew on it... whether its a toy, my shoes from work (blech!)Jay's papers from work (Danny has a particular fondness for eating paper!) or some other dangerous item (like cords from the computer) The problem is that he is so determined, that even after I move the item to a different location, he will still try to find it. If, for example, I move some papers behind a pillow, he will move the pillow to get to the papers. Or if I put my shoes in the closet, he will pry open the closet door with his little fingers, and crawl right on inside! He is pretty much impossible to distract. I'll attempt to sing to him, or play pattycake, for example, and he will oblige me, but then go right back to what he was doing before. He has quite a memory for a 9 month old. He loves to open my dresser drawers and pull up on his knees to peer inside and remove the contents. He also likes to chase the cat. Poor Joy doesn't know what she's got comin'!

Danny is also quite the eater. He'll eat anything. He has amazing manual dexterity, and picks up even the slimiest foods with his thumb and forefinger. I make almost all of his food for him (except the meat). Let me list the foods we have tried so far! (Bear with me, this is more for me to remember later, than for you to enjoy reading). Fruits: Mango, apple, pear, blueberry, banana, peaches, plums, cherries, guava, avocado. Vegetables: Acorn squash, butternut squash, green beans, broccoli, turnips, peas, carrots, beets, spinach, zucchini. Cereals: Oatmeal, barley, whole wheat, brown rice, cheerios, Legumes: Kidney beans, brown lentils. Meat: Turkey, Beef, Chicken, Ham. Whew! He sure eats healthier than I do!

Danny also loves to talk. Talk, talk, talk! He doesn't say words yet, but he sure does have a plethora of noises. Since he's had teeth for so long, he makes all kinds of consonant noises... "vuh, fa, da, duh, ma, ga, buh, puh," and my favorite, "ya ya ya ya ya!" Lately, he's been moving from monotone type of repetitive talking to more "conversational" babbling. It sounds more like, "BAH,buh... guh guh, GA GA GA GA!" He really looks like he's trying to say something.

Let's see.... he also claps on command. If I say, "Danny! Clap!" he does so... he also claps when you say, "YAY!" or "Pattycake!" He'll also give me a slobbery kiss on the cheek if I ask him to! He loves to read books, and turns the pages when its time, and when I ask him to, will sometimes point to the "mouse" and the "balloon" when we're reading "Goodnight Moon" (only on the pages where they are easy to find) although he's inconsistent about this.

Flexible... that's another thing about Danny. He is so flexible that it freaks other people out. Even other people with babies! To get from sitting to his belly, he just sticks his legs out to the side like he's doing the splits, and rolls over top of them onto his belly. We even caught him sleeping like that once! Legs splayed to the side, with him laying on his belly right between them!

Okay, that's enough bragging for now, but when you don't blog for a month, there's a lot to catch up on!


Lindsey Wolfe said...

Yay for bragging and I'm glad you're back to blogging. You have been missed my friend!

Preston said...

Yeah Danny! Sounds like he is quite the entertainer ... and flexibility is a good thing! Wish I had it like I used too.