Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mom's in Denial....

After sorting through my pictures, I am starting to come to terms with the fact that Danny is getting older, but I am still treating him like a little baby! See examples below!

I recently found this picture of Danny in his swing as a newborn, and when you compare it to the one below (taken this week), he looks like a giant! Maybe its time for mom to give up on some old traditions of the past (like using the swing to calm Danny down before his nap)... after all, 11 months is a little old to be swinging in the baby swing!



Here is another example!

Danny crawls around so fast nowadays, and sometimes I just need to get some chores done! The other day, I put him in his bumbo chair (I know, he's about 6 months too old for this) just so he'd stay put while I did the dishes! As I was scrubbing some plates, I heard a noise, and turned around to find Danny (still in his bumbo chair) facing a different direction than I'd left him. "That's odd," I thought to myself, but kept scrubbing the dishes anyway. A few minutes later, I heard a rustling noise and turned around to find that Danny had (rather silently) flipped the bumbo over, and crawled into our laundry room with it still attached to his butt and was digging around in the recycling bin!

More Big Boy shots....

Danny standing up (about to knock the alarm clock off the nightstand)

...and my favorite.. Danny popping up through the tv tray table in the living room

Lately we haven't been letting Danny use his pacifier during the day. However, at night ,we throw 3 or 4 in his crib so when he wakes up, he can find one and put himself back to sleep. This has worked well for several months. Lately though, he's been cracking us up by gathering all his pacifiers around his head before he falls asleep!

Here's a smilebox about our trip to Fort McHenry this past Saturday! Daniel loved being outside! He hated the grass though, and wouldn't crawl past the end of the blanket.
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Preston said...

Leah - I am dying laughing!!! Danny in that swing is so funny. And I am doing it too. How did Preston and Danny get to be so old so fast?!

Lindsey Wolfe said...

I think I may have to bust out Logan's swing and bouncy seat just to see how rediculous Logan will look in it now. And if you think I'm joking - I'm so not! haha! Danny is hilarious! Prepare yourself for a copy post in the next week or so. :-)

RNR_Runnergirl said...

Those are hilarious!!!!