Monday, November 10, 2008

Work Schmerk

Well, I went back to work last week. Pththththth! That's what I have to say about that! I really wish I could stay home. But I have to do my part to contribute to the good 'ol family finances, so off I went! I'm doing night shift... 24 hours per week. Its pretty manageable really, thanks to my mother in law, who will be watching Daniel once a week whilst I sleep. Jay and Daniel did really well alone together. Not that I doubted they would... of course, Danny slept all the way until 6 in the morning while I was gone... that little booger! I had my first experience on a hospital breast pump this week too... WOAH... is all I will say. I'm really lucky that they are so pro-breastfeeding at work. There is a locked room with five curtained off areas. Each area has its own breastpump (you bring your own attachments), table and chair. There is also a refrigerator and sink. Its really great, and one of the only things I was happy about with regards to going back to work!

Here are our latest pics!

After his bath... I love this smiley picture... he's just so cute!

Little Buddha sure is getting chubby!

I forgot to add this last week... Danny and I went to visit our friends Katie and Christopher. Christopher is standing up now! How exciting!

On Friday, Kitsie and Granddad took us out to dinner and to see a show called Celtic Thunder. Bridget and her boyfriend Darko came down from Boston. This was my "not-work-related" night away from Daniel. Mrs. Bradshaw babysat him... according to her, it went very well! Here we are eating dinner at the Owl Bar... Jay's favorite haunt from his law school days:

Here's a video of the show we went to see... it was really good.. the singing was amazing. One of the kids singing was only 12 years old!

Then Saturday night, we stopped by Jay's cousin Michele's 30th birthday party... Happy Birthday Michele!

Today Danny and I met with our friends Lisa and Korbin. Lisa got this fabric for us... we only paid $5 each! You can use it as a Moby wrap, which is definitely the most comfortable way to carry a baby!

It was cold outside, so I tried to put a hat on Danny... do you think it fits?

Most exciting of all, Daniel has started grabbing his toys, which is so fun to watch! He started doing it at the beginning of last week, and did it repeatedly all week!

Click to play Danny grabs a toy...
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ZPG said...

Very cool wrap, you will have to show me how it works!

Lindsey Wolfe said...

LOVE the hat picture! LOL

Jennifer said...

Wow, the breastfeeding support set-up at your work sounds really great. What a wonderful asset to your job - few places do that! If I had stayed at work, I would have been pumping in a closet.
- Aunt Jennifer