Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Baby Birthday....

Saturday December 13th, we went to Ryan Handley's for his 1st birthday! I remember when he was born. 5-odd pounds, and so tiny! It was fun to see him cruising around and being so interactive with everybody. My sister Rebekah was with us. I think she enjoyed seeing all the little babies. I was just looking around thinking about how my life has changed so drastically in such a few short years. 5 years ago, I was going out to the bars with Stacey, Katie, and Steph. Now we are all married and either have kids or are pregnant! Time flies!

Smile Ryan! Its your birthday!

Jason and Steph practice parenting. Annette offers advice...

Christopher enjoying himself...

Rebekah and Danny watch the birthday festivities.

Steph and Ryan

Mmmm..... card!

Poor Danny was so tired and not used to so many people! Jay was such a good Dad and provided a good comfortable place to catch a nap! Danny holds on for dear life...

This one is mine!

The best part of the party was putting party hats on such small children and then sitting them at a table like adults.... cracked me up!

Ever seen a 4 month old in a party hat? I didn't think so!

Meyer 9 survivors...

Meyer 9 survivors plus those who have abandoned us! The gang's all here!

Sadly, this is the best picture I got of Ryan eating his birthday cake! I'm a terrible photographer!

Christopher just looks sneaky in this picture!

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Lindsey Wolfe said...

HA - omg - I love the picture of Danny in the birthday hat. I just want to go buy one and take a picture of Logan in it because it is so cute! He is a real sweetheart!