Monday, December 8, 2008

Silent Night, Yeah Right!

Hooray for Christmas! You've gotta love it. Family, friends, presents... cookies. Even better though is a baby in a santa hat. How could you not smile?

Things are great around here. Danny is getting WAY better at taking his naps. Now we just have to work on the nighttime sleep! When I'm home, he usually wakes up twice at night.. which isn't so bad, I guess. The frustrating part is that when I'm gone at work, he sleeps all night! On Saturday night, he slept from 6pm until 5am! What gives!?

Other news... Daniel is obsessed... I mean OBSESSED with two things... his feet... and sitting up. The first thing he does in the morning is grab his feet... and he doesn't really let go until he's asleep again! Also, he refuses to sit back and RELAX.... he loves to sit forward and look all around. He even holds himself up when he's in his bouncy seat. Check out this video to see what I'm talking about!

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katienryan said...

He looks like an elf! So cute! I feel like I say that alot, but its true, so so cute! Maybe Danny can release his own "Abs Of Steel" video.

Mary said...

Leah, that is so funny. To me it seems like he wants to be all grown up and out of that seat, like you are! Go Danny Go!

kes770 said...

Leah...that photo with the Santa hat is soooo cute!! Any card company would love it.