Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cell Phone Pictures

I finally decided that I'd better download some of the pictures I've been taking with my cell phone over the past 3 weeks! The camera is never around when I want it, but my cell phone always is!

This picture was taken during Danny's second week home. My, what a strong neck you have!

This is Sachiko.. she was a big help to me last week. I'm lucky to have such great friends! Danny loves Aunt Sachiko!

A sacred moment... sleep! Shhh! Don't wake him up!

Daniel stretches out on a hot day when we turned off the AC. He got really fussy a few hours after this picture was taken. We finally figured out it was b/c he was hot. DUH!

The next three pictures are me trying to capture Danny's first "intentional" smiles. He smiles at me when I talk to him! Catching a baby smile with a cell phone is no easy task! It took me about 10 attempts to finally get a few decent ones. Of course, no picture can do the real thing justice. He's so cute!

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