Thursday, September 18, 2008

Welcome to the Jungle...

So I'd like to say thanks to Aunt Rebekah for giving us our jungle-themed playmat/gym. Daniel loves it, and especially loves the toucan... he'll stare at it for 1/2 hour at a time.. which thankfully gives mom the chance to do some other things every once in a while! (Like eat lunch)

Hey! Its a toucan!

There it is again!

Mom and Danny watch Mythbusters together

Danny doesn't seem to enjoy mythbusters as much as Mr. Toucan.

We often lovingly refer to Daniel as our "little old man" because as you can see, he is losing all the hair on the top of his head. He is left with a ring around the sides and back of his head. He looks like Friar Tuck! Some people say that if a baby's hair falls out, it will grow back in a different color. I wonder if its true!?

Here's another blurry cell phone picture... the weather has been so nice this week (in the 70's) that Daniel and mom sat outside on the patio for a while!


katienryan said...

Isn't it fun watching Daniel notice his toys? Yes, he does resemble Friar Tuck. I think Christopher looks like Uncle Fester from The Adams Family. Baldness is cute. Enjoy the Fall weather, we are!

Rebekah said...

Who doesn't love a toucan?!?!?