Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Trip to New Jersey!

This weekend, Danny took his first long trip in the car. We drove four hours to see Grandma and Granddude in New Jersey. (Yes, at my suggestion, my dad has now changed his name to Granddude.. which I think is awesome!) Daniel slept most of the way, which was a big relief! He loved all the attention... and hardly cried all weekend since there was someone to hold him all the time!

Granddude and Danny get reacquainted

Danny sports a cool new outfit. He's already grown out of all his newborn clothes!

Cool socks for a cool baby...

Uncle Aaron met Danny for the first time on Friday evening. It was also the first time he'd held a baby! He did a good job.

Jay and I got to meet Aaron's girlfriend Stephanie this weekend. She is such a nice girl, and goes to Seton Hall (Go Pirates!)

Stephanie and Danny in the kitchen getting ready for a delicious meal!

Mmmm.... Rebekah's black bean salsa really hit the spot!

Grandma and Danny enjoying time with the family at lunch

Rebekah and Jason are hittin' the bottle early!

Obviously they set a bad example for Daniel...

"Do as we say... not as we do, Danny..."

Such a cute little angel...

Some rare pictures of me with Danny (I'm usually the photographer!)

We had a big rivalry game this weekend... The Cowboys vs the Redskins. Dad is a lifelong Cowboys fan, and Jay is a lifelong redskins fan. Here Granddude tries to bribe Danny into becoming a Cowboys fan by buying him a Cowboys bib.

Jay isn't too happy about this development. Don't worry, the Redskins won the game!

Aaron could care less about football and plays Spore instead. I'll have you all know that he used the creature that I created to dominate the game!

On the way back, we took a photo to commemorate Daniels first trip to a New Jersey rest stop! We wanted to give him the chance to get out of the carseat, so we stuck him in the Baby Bjorn for a while. Let me tell you... eating a Whopper with a Baby Bjorn on isn't as easy as it sounds!


katienryan said...

Holy Canoli is he getting big! So cute too. I am glad you got out for the weekend and visited with family. Isn't it so much more fun with a baby to share?

Syneloi said...
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